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  • Margie MacDonald

Bills Are Arriving Fast and Furious!

Two weeks into the session and bills are flying fast and furious.


An important bill was considered this week: Homeowners and Renters Tax Credit, SB 15 (Shannon O'Brien, D Missoula) SB 15 is one of this session's most fair and far-reaching tax bills for seniors and low to middle income households, in part because it expands this credit to include renters, who make up a sizable community of hard working and retired Montanans.

  • The bill expands the existing elderly homeowner and renter income tax credit to homeowners and renters of all ages with incomes of up to $45,000/year.

  • This is an ongoing credit, not just a one-time distribution of state surplus funds.

  • The bill increases the credit cap from $1,150 to $1,300.

SB 15 (click here for full bill text) is working its way through the Senate Taxation Committee. Please lend your support of this bill! Take Action! Send a message supporting SB 15 to the Senate Taxation Committee through the web: or by calling the Capitol Switchboard at 406-444-4800. LONG-TERM CARE At hearing's last week, dozens of Long-Term Care (LTC) providers testified that the “perfect storm” of pandemic, workforce shortages, and inflation in other areas like food and energy, have pushed them to the brink of survival. With nearly a dozen of these facilities closing in the past year, and dozens more hanging by a thread, the 2023 Legislature is facing a critical moment in time.

  • Big Sky 55+ supports a full spectrum of senior living, care, and support services.

  • Suggesting that one of these service areas can be enhanced only at the expense of the other (LTC vs. community support services) is a false dichotomy, and unrealistic.



"Can Montana Senior Care Survive the 2023 Legislature?" This discussion will be a short backgrounder on how to understand the choices and decision points around Long-Term Care. Join us and learn how to effectively advocate for the ability of senior Montanans to age with dignity in the best setting that meets their needs. REGISTER HERE!

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