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Fair Taxation

Gathering Wisdom Conference Slides

Fair Taxes Now!

Amanda Curtis, president of the Montana Federation of Public Employees, discussed who won and lost in the property tax shift.

Rose Bender, Montana Budget and Policy Center Director of Research, discussed the problems with Montana's Property Tax system.


Dan Bucks, former Montana Dept of Revenue Director, discussed the (un)constitutional issues with Montana's tax code.

MT State Representative Jonathan Karlen and Zach Brown, Gallatin County Commissioner did not use slides.

Virtual Town Hall 3/6/2023
The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Learn more about the first half of the legislative session, including an in-depth discussion about the impact of the Governor's tax breaks and the attacks on the Judiciary.


"They Had One Job, and the Montana Legislature Failed" by Darrell Ehrlick, Daily Montanan, July 13, 2023.

"It’s a weird time to be a Montana Republican – not so long ago, Republicans reminded us that the only issue they cared about was taxes; now it seems to be about the only issue they won’t meaningfully address.

"No matter where you stand on any of these cultural issues, take it from someone who spent countless hours watching your lawmakers in action: The majority and their rebate program was the legislative equivalent of a doctor trying to fit a bandage on gaping wound. They had the power, they had the knowledge, they had the opportunity and they chose to do something different.

"And not just you – but we all, together, every resident who lives under a roof – will pay the price." Read more here.

"Greg Gianforte and New Money" by Russell Rowland, Daily Montanan, June 7, 2023

"But the most egregious of [Gianforte's) acts in this last session was to push through what he framed as a huge tax cut for Montanans that was in reality nothing more than tossing a few nickels toward the average Montanan, while charging almost no taxes for those in his own tax bracket." Keep reading here.

"Working Montanans Look to Lose Out as Rich to Reap Tax Breaks" by Tully Olson, Big Sky 55+ Executive Director, Missoula Current, March 13, 2023

"Montana state legislators are grappling with what to do with the state's historic $2.5 billion budget surplus....Many good options have been put forth by both political parties on how to best spend the surplus, but another tax break for the wealthiest folks in the state is not one of them." Keep reading here.

What will the "6-pack" of tax-cut bills cost Montana?

$1bil tax cut.png

And who benefits?

  • The top 1% in Montana have incomes of $649,000 + annually.

  • There are 5,388 in taxpayers in that category.

  • On average, taxpayers in this category would receive a tax cut of $9,153.

  • That amounts to $49,316,364 taken from programs and services that could benefit all Montanans, and sent to those who need it the least.

Thank you to the Montana Budget and Policy Center for these numbers.


"Get ready for a couple of extra pizzas every year — or maybe a tank of gas.

If you’re not rich, that’s about the extent of the benefit you’ll get from a key Republican tax bill, said Margaret MacDonald, with Big Sky 55+ of Billings."

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More Information

Why trickle down economics doesn't work
by Big Sky 55+ Board Member Jon Ellingson
Op Ed by Big Sky 55+ Board Member Ken Toole, The Daily Montanan, Feb 7, 2023
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