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Energy Issues


"NorthWestern touts coal, natural gas, in meeting record energy demand.
Energy analysts said the utility monopoly omits crucial information about renewable sources" by Keila Szpaller, Daily Montanan, January 17, 2024.

"A report this month from the Union of Concerned Scientists notes renewables provided more than 22% of the country’s electricity, nearly twice the amount since in 2012, citing EIA data.

The report, about gas plant malfunctions, also notes gas plants are more vulnerable to breakdowns than people assume, which create a “vulnerability for the power grid and for customers.”

NorthWestern is building such a plant in Laurel, and in its news release, it featured that facility as well." Read more here.

NorthWestern Energy Rate Increase


PSC declines to reverse NorthWestern Energy rate hike, by Amanda Eggert, Montana Free Press, January 24, 2024.

"The commission denied requests for a rate case re-do, but did direct NorthWestern to provide updates on affordability for low-income customers." Read more here.

"Public Service Commission approves NorthWestern Energy rate hike" by Amanda Eggert, Montana Free Press, October 25, 2023.

"Opposition argues the 28% increase will be devastating for Montana residential customers." Read the article here.

Background: Big Sky 55+ Discussion on Energy Issues

Ken Toole, Big Sky 55+ Board member and Anne Hedges, Director of Policy and Legislative Affairs at the Montana Environmental Information Center discussed NorthWestern Energy's 28% rate increase request and the (at the time) upcoming decision by the Montana Public Service Commission (PSC) whether to approve that request. 

Let the Public Service Commission know what you think about

NorthWestern Energy's rate increase!

Call the PSC at 406-444-6199

Thank you for taking action!

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